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12-Jun-2017 11:25

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But when you start an online dating business you need to start with one person and grow from there.

I am glad the site no longer has this problem, but it does have many others. Through membership subscriptions, events and advertising. What technical support/expertise did you need and how did you get it? Luckily, I know some amazing people and one of my best friends in Scotland is a genius when it comes to coding, so that was a no brainer.

If you look hard enough, everything you need is out there and it’s usually FREE.

We have a lot of websites in Kenya, do you think they are fully optimized? I am happy to say that being an online site, I have not encountered it as much as many of my ‘offline’ business friends. My worst mistake is thinking that no one else can do a better job than I can. I have quickly realized there are SOME things I am amazing at and other that are better handed to more qualified people.

My mother raised four boys alone, all under the age of 6.

She never remarried because she could not meet anyone, or should I say not enough people for someone to really capture her heart.

Sooner or later, your customers (or your partners) are going to find out the truth about who you are.

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Just as long as the business continues to grow I am happy. I also spend over one year researching online dating site across the world, I even travelled to Singapore for three months to talk to experts and see what works, what didn’t etc.The truth of life and business is that, life is short and you have to take risks in order to really live and realize your full potential. While running a business, it’s equally important to identify your target demographic. You need to identify their age group, income group, nationality, gender, hobbies/interests and so on.