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Despite Grace's attempts to reciprocate Zoë's romantic feelings, Grace admitted to Zoë that she was straight, causing Zoë to retreat into a state of closeted self-loathing.She began burning herself as a means of coping with the pain of heartbreak and refusing to come to terms with who she was.Intent on a fresh start, Zoë was nervous on learning to be a normal teenage girl, using her looks, body, and money to get what she wanted (a trick she learned from her overbearing stage-mom).A defining moment for her was following a messy break up with Drew Torres when she attended a party hosted by Miles Hollingsworth III to drown her sorrows in a good party and became drunk before passing out.While Eli and Clare are in the hospital, they flip through the channels and decide to watch West Drive and a watch a scene where her character, Gatsby, is in the hospital and asking if she will die.Clare tells Eli that she's on the Paris trip and heard that she's the worst.Furious, Zoë purposely steps on Maya's foot, causing her to spill her water bottle onto the tech machine. A bouncer sees them and demands to know who they are.

However, Maya is rejected from entering when the bouncer assumes she is thirteen instead of the entrance age of at least fourteen.

However, as her habit of self-harming intensified and she couldn't fake her relationship with Winston any longer, she was forced to finally embrace her true self, and came out to Winston as gay.

She is best friends with Grace Cardinal, who she formerly had a crush on, and Tristan Milligan and Winston Chu. She is also friends with Miles Hollingsworth III, Lola Pacini, Shay Powers, Keisha, Goldi Nahir, and Jack Jones, and is currently on good terms with Drew Torres and Maya Matlin.

Zoë then tells Tristan that he's heterosexual and she has feelings for him as well, and Tristan denies it.

They both ask Miles to be their partner for a project, and Miles chooses Tristan, angering Zoë. In About A Girl, she is seen kissing Miles into the classroom."I was scared to show people who I really was because I was afraid that they would reject me.