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During the family's time in Saudi Arabia, Hayley had a brief relationship with an Arab by the name of Kazim.Kazim saved Hayley from the Police of Vice and Virtue, and then claimed that he was a member of Al Qaeda with a mission to blow up the American Embassy.Another magic trope that is Older Than Dirt, the idea of words that hold magic power unto themselves has been around since Ancient Egypt.Often paired and sometimes lumped with the power of True Names, words of power are common parts of a wizard's bag of tricks.She has had many other romantic encounters with other men while with Jeff. Despite her unfaithfulness she once went on a psychotic King Kong-like rampage at a local mall after Jeff broke up with her in "Pulling Double Booty".According to Stan, Hayley will go into a rage if someone breaks up with her meaning a man cannot safely end a relationship with her, unless she breaks up with the man.In "Stan Knows Best", she stated that she was 18 years old.

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She often attacks people for their practices or beliefs such as Arboreus in his attempt to bomb the Langley Falls Shopping Mall in "Finances With Wolves", but Hayley was also known to be hypocritical of her beliefs.

So— so your friends would shun you and you'd be forced to come home early and spend time with me for a change?

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