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The Several Pali and Sinhalese Authors known as Dhammakitti.

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With these the scholar who has been charged with the task is, through long co-operation, familiar. But as the editors themselves confess that some of this fresh material has been taken from *' written copies," not from the originals or impressions, it is indis- pensable to have it re-edited critically before it can be utilized with confidence.

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It may be hoped that the completion of the work may be carried out with little delay, and with little deviation from the ideas and methods of the late Dean. Of the smaller number of inscriptions which are now published here for the first time, a few bring to light historical details of some value.

Additions to the Library 246 Digitized by Cj OOQl C CONTENTS. YII.— The Early Years of Sh Sh Isma'Il, Founder of the Safavl Dynasty. Instead of entering upon a detailed criticism of individual texts, for which I should have ample material, I propose to give here a short summary of the contents of the whole collection, in order to show, what the editors have failed to do, where and by whom some of these inscriptions have ^ In this I Quite agree with Prof. last been edited before, and to indicate briefly the nature of those records^ which are now brought to public notice for the first time. — The Girnar rock edicts of Asoka, with a Sanskrit version by Pandit Gattulalaji, and with photolithographs. Biihler, with excellent photolithographs from estampages by Dr.

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